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Welcome to Brisneyland!

A community for anyone who has ever lived, left or loved Brisbane!

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welcome to brisneyland
This community is for anyone who lives, has lived, or wishes to live in Brisbane (capital of sunny Queensland - Australia)! Meet new people in your area or catch up with old friends, chat about anything, arrange meet ups, post pictures of you streaking across anz stadium, advertise your local Brisbane band or your next open house party! It's also a good way to stay in touch with people you met while visiting Brisbane!

Brisneyland has now grown to over 1000 members with the help of all those who have joined the community and participated in the conversations! We are the most active community about Brisbane on Livejournal, with new posts and new members almost every day! New members are always welcome, so introduce yourself and start chatting!!

the rules

Spam will not be tolerated in any form. Do not try to flog free offers here. I think we are all grown up enough to realise that you will NEVER receive that elusive "free iPod".

Posts such as these will be deleted.
Members who post spam to this forum will be given one warning, then banned if the incident reoccurs.

You are welcome to promote your own community here if it is relevant to Brisbane, however promoting communities which are about "showing your bits", communities which advocate violence or hatred against others and communities which involve child or adult pornography is NOT acceptable.

These posts will be deleted and the offending member restricted from posting in this community without warning.

Acceptable community promotion means ONE post with a maximum of ONE image (see image rules below). Multiple posts promoting the same community will be deleted and the offending member given a warning, then restricted from posting in this community if the incidence reoccurs.

Images wider than 500 pixels must be put behind an LJ-Cut. If you would like to post multiple pictures, the first may remain uncut providing it is less than 500 pixels wide, but the rest must be behind the cut.

If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to the easy instructions in the Livejournal FAQ. If you read the FAQ & still don't know how to do an LJ-Cut, then don't post the images.

Members who post and do not follow image rules will be instructed to change the post within 24 hours. If post is not edited to put images behind an LJ-Cut, the post will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be restricted from posting in this community.

All posts relating to "how to obtain" illegal items are banned from this community. Selling illegal items is also banned. "Illegal" things include, but are not limited to, weapons, illegal substances, specific services etc. If you hold an existing licence to possess these items, try Google to find a forum or web site that will help you out with what you are looking for. Any posts of this nature will be deleted and further infringement will result in the member being restricted from posting in this community.

Yes, you can post ONE link to your eBay/Oztion auctions or store in the Brisneyland forum, as long as it meets the following guidelines:

1. One post only is allowed, multiple posts will be deleted. You CAN edit your existing post if you feel the need to add something.
2. You must live in Brisbane or surrounding areas and be selling an item/s that are located in Brisbane.
3. If your item is an adult-related product (ie. 18+), please state this in your post
4. As always, if you want to include an image, put it behind a cut if it is wider than 500 pixels.

Healthy debate is encouraged.
Name-calling, harassment & flame wars are definitely not. All members should feel free to post their own feelings without worrying if someone is going to jump on them and attack what they have said. Be nice!

Excessive swearing is not needed to make your point. Censor yourself for the sake of our younger or more sensitive members by using the old "****" method, or maybe you could try expanding your vocabulary and use another word that expresses how you are feeling.

Please note that members who post entries with text that is heavily styled will be prodded to remove styling. Most Brisneylanders view this community on their friends page which already has its own style sheet. If you change the colour of your text, chances are they will not be able to read your message. After all, isn't that why you're posting here?

The Brisneyland Community is here for all to enjoy, whatever their age and background. Just bear in mind that even though you can talk about whatever you like, just show some respect and tact when posting in this forum.

Members who continually break these rules will be given a warning, and if behaviour is repeated they will be restricted from posting in this community.

This community was created on the 28th of May, 2003 by nayfie and is now maintained by definatalie and anaesthetise
Community icon was created by the very talented little_star19

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