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hey guys, working night shift at the moment and i'm looking for something to train in (which is almost impossible for night shift). preferably something along the lines of judo, ju jitsu, ninjutsu, aikido and that sort of thing. if anyone knows of any classes or decently priced 1 on 1 training i would be sincerely happy.

Awesome kitchenwares shop in Southbank area?

Hi guys,

Awhile ago a friend told me that there is an awesome huge kitchenwares shop, "just a couple of streets back from Southbank".

Now I am directionally challenged, and "couple of streets back from Southbank" means nothing to me. After all, doesn't it matter where in Southbank you are in the first place? Of course it does. (Well, at least I know it's not in the direction of the river, but other than that, I'm clueless)

I did google it, but no luck.

Does anybody know of what Kitchenware Heaven she speaks?
Or even just alternatives. It doesn't have to be Southbank, it just has to be Kitchenware Heaven.

I would be hugely grateful if you could tell me :3
Demon girl

Bedroom suite for sale

On behalf of a dear friend... FOR SALE 1x bedroom suite - $800 negotiable
Timber bed-header & footer, 2x bedside tables, 1x 5-drawer tallboy.
Mattress not included.
Pick up only, from Everton Park.
Call 0410 613 261.

Don't reply here or to me, I am posting this for someone else. Call her.
La Gothica

Charity bin locations on the West Side?


Does anybody here know where there are donation dropoff bins for Lifeline or St Vincent de Paul or other charities that accept secondhand clothes in the Western suburbs (specifically, the Darra-Sherwood-Corinda area)? I have recently gone through my wardrobe and now have quite a bit of stuff that's quite good still but I'll never wear again, so I want to donate it.

Please don't just say 'there are several places' - I need street addresses. I have been wandering around looking for charity bins all round my area and I just can't find any - I need a specific location. 'The corner of East St and West St' or 'the north side of X shopping centre, near Y supermarket', that kind of thing.

Please help!
little dragon

Couch for sale

My friends are selling their 5-piece modular couch. Medium blue. 2 end pieces each with an arm rest on one side , 2 middle pieces & a corner. Pick up from Chermside. No, I don't know how much they're asking. Call Chris if you're interested - 0413 789 236.
Don't comment here, I know no more than this. Talk to them if you're keen.