Epilepsy Awareness Survey Help Wanted

There's quite a lot of us with invisible illnesses on here. Anyone else epileptic?

I've just helped give feedback which will help raise awareness for the condition. The researcher is coming close to deadline, and is finding it harder to find us than anticipated. A lot of epileptics don't use support services, and don't know other epileptics, because we tend to not advertise it if we can help it.

If anyone is interested in helping create a survey for epilepsy quality of life by completing
a survey intended for a clinical trial with 'mock' answers, then express your thoughts on how well worded the survey is and whether it is easy to understand, comment that you are interested, and I'll put you in touch.

It is a fairly straight forward process, does not require any personal health information (just basic demographics - age, level of education etc). I've multiple disabilities and she visited me at home. Potentially, it could be skyped.

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Hello there

Does anyone know any good employment services or recruitment agencies for a graduate of law and accounting degrees with limited experience other than a few years in retail and a few internships? I have numerous disabilities too that are not visible so I might be eligible for disability employment services too.

Looking for any kind of desk job here but preferably not telemarketing.

Campbell Newman is making my life hard here :(

Anyone know if there are any good counselling services out there that I coud use. Feeling lost and depressed here.

The Strange Calls - New Television Show Shot in Queensland!

Hi guys!

Just letting you know about a new multiplatform television show called "The Strange Calls" that was conceived, written and directed in Brisbane (except for some on location shooting in Coolum). It stars Barry Crocker (!), Toby Truslove, Katherine Hicks and Patrick Brammall, and it's directed by Queenslander Daley Pearson.

It begins on ABC's iView tonight at 9.30pm, but will be on your television screens next Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 9.30pm on ABC2. 

The show had a mostly Queensland crew, and was shot in and around Brisbane. Let us know if you recognise any of the locations. 

Here is the link for the promo on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy!
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Room avail in super convenient location W'Gabba/Sth Bris

Hi Brisneylanders,

I'm relocating so my room in my fabulous two-bedroom apartment on the CBD fringe is up for grabs. It's super-convenient for full-time workers or UQ, Griffith, QUT and Southbank TAFE students.

You'll be sharing with one nerdy, female professional. Women applicants preferred, LGBTQI*-friendly, quiet and considerate a must. Rent is $185/week, bills & wifi extra.

More info here:

Free to good home - Cat

Fluffy black cat. Needs to have outdoor access as she has a behavioural issue if kept indoors only.

Partner's ex dumped her on him and he can no longer keep looking after her in the unit.

Ideally would like to re home before the end of the month as we will need to take her to the RSPCA by that point.

When fully groomed, looks beautiful, she really requires regular brushing due to very long hair.

She is not suitable for children.

Too true

Real estate question

So I'm needing to move at the end of the year, and am thinking of moving into one of those town house - gated community type places- I can't think of the word for them, but where you rent through body corporate and there's a pool and stuff. Is there a website that lists those kind of places rather than just going through domain dot com.

I'm talking similar to

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Car repairs

Eep, I've had my first car incident. Basically, I was moving house last week, it was a massive day, wasn't really concentrating and long story short my bottom left bumper now has a big dent in it.

So I'm insured but I'm clueless as where to go for a quote to get it fixed. Does anyone here have any car repairers on the Northside that they would recommend? Someone good but affordable. I live in the city but would be willing to travel (my dad lives at North Lakes and has said he can drop it off/pick it up f need be).

Thanks in advance :-)

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