May 11th, 2019


Who ARE the Ungrouped? Candidates for Qld Senate 2019

Donkeyvotie is my favourite quick rundown on parties, but they rarely have time for the ungrouped as they cover all states, and the only Queenslander you'll learn about briefly is the very last name on our ballot, Paul Stevenson of the Mental Health Party, and I can't help but agree with Donkeyvotie's observation we could all do with some psychotherapy after this election, but I wouldn't call it a single issue party as much as a unifying lens.

Not that you have to agree with any of their jocular opinions, but its a great way to get the parties sorted in your head.

If you are still bewildered by the One Nation offshoots, wonder if Sustainable Australia is an environmental party (Hint:NO) or wonder what happened to Senator Online (It changed its name again, to use up all allowed six words and added three exclamation marks) and want something a bit more journalistic to consult, the Guardian has a great article.

You can also give the smartvote quiz a go to find a compatible representative. I was dubious about my results but I suppose it's better than a facebook or okcupid quiz.

Not everyone realises the AEC page that tells you where you can go to cast your vote in Brisbane also gives you the contacts for ALL THE CANDIDATES so you can ask them directly what they stand for. But the Ungrouped are, as a group, particularly bad at having their websites findable, so I'm going to add them below.

UG 1 LO-DEAN, Debby Independent Business Owner
Mobile: 0402 963 392

Gold Coast local. "Small Business and Serving the Community"

UG 2 SHARPE, Gary Robert Independent Fitter & Turner
PO Box 2769
Mobile: 0458 422 168

Buggered if I know what he stands for. If I can't even find a facebook page I tend to lose interest. But you can ring him if you want.

UG 3 LARCOMBE, Paul Independent Self Employed
PO Box 1821
Mobile: 0433 937 083

Disability activist.

UG 4 HASLER, Jane Independent Sociologist

Social justice advocate. Kind of wish I could find more than a linkedin. I appear to have found a letter to her rep urging them to support equal marriage, and she did fill out this survey so among the candidates whose answers you can compare to yours, as well as the smartvote quiz.

UG 5 WOODWARD, John Independent Farmer
632 Scrub Rd
Phone (home): 07 5484 6419
Phone (work): 07 5484 6419
Mobile: 0419 672 410

Anti-banks, and previously voted for Pauline Hanson because of her policies in that area, but became disillusioned. I'm surprised he's not a Citizen's Electoral Council party candidate.

UG 6 McARTHUR-WILLIAMS, Nicholas Independent Foreign Currency Broker
Mobile: 0481 239 177

"Compassionate Capitalism" supporter. Has a youtube as well as a linkedin.

UG 7 GHULAM, Hassan Independent Community Worker
Mobile: 0427 711 166

Refugee Advocate, President of the Hazara Ethnic Society

UG 8 WHARTON, Wayne Independent Company Director
Mobile: 0408 064 900

Aboriginal elder

UG 9 MURPHY, Amanda Independent Teacher
Mobile: 0420 715 459


UG 10 STEVENSON, Paul Joseph The Australian Mental Health Party Psychologist
Phone (home): 07 3232 1254 Phone (work): 07 3232 1254

My favourite ballot organiser is If you like to vote independent and number every square, you can put the UG first as a party group, get your parties sorted, then drag and drop individuals anywhere you like! Handy if you have a particualar person you want to put last. Print it out and when people wave their how to vote cards at you, you have one to wave back!

ClueyVoter is also offering their public service again this election, which is good if you just use Ungrouped Independents as a sort of buffer between your likes and dislikes. The "pollie-filler" strategy.

We have two sets of Grouped Independents this election, R and X.

If your remember bRavehearts founder (child protection advocate),

and eX-Family First candidate (would protect children against Safe Schools and abortion), you'll have them sorted which is which.


Finally, Cate has given bonus Eurovision song themes to her review of policy pages, this election. Check them out.

A Rise Up Australia Party
B Pauline Hanson's One Nation
C United Australia Party
D Liberal National Party of Queensland
Ok, Cate's a Victorian, so we have to pick our own Eurovision Theme song here. Add yours in comments.
E Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party
F Climate Action! Immigration Action! Accountable Politicians!
G Animal Justice Party
H The Greens
J Australian Labor Party
K Independents For Climate Action Now
L Australian Workers Party
M Australian Better Families
N Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
O Australian Conservatives
P Labour DLP
Q Katter's Australian Party (KAP)
R Not Affiliated Johnston, Hetty and Mureau, Sue
Website above the Democracy Sausage link above. I'm going to pick a theme."My vmeste"(We Are Together)won for Belarus in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005
S The Great Australian Party
T Pirate Party
U Sustainable Australia
V Love Australia or Leave
W Shooters, Fishers and Farmers
X Not Affiliated Moore, Tony R and Moore, Cartia
Website above the Democracy Sausage link above. I'm going to pick a theme. It represented Malta and was the winning song at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. "Not My Soul".
T Pirate Party
Y Liberal Democrats
Z Citizens Electoral Council
UG Ungrouped
All the info I have found at the start of the post. If you want to pick them Eurovision theme music, go for it!

And here's a note from Dr Bonham on how to make your 2019 Australia Federal vote most effective.