March 30th, 2008

Brisbane Transport is Made of Fail

You know, Brisbane Transport's bus system runs very badly indeed. 

The last straw came for me yesterday when I was hailing a bus in Boundary St, Spring Hill, near the pool. The bus drove right past. I was standing right on the edge of the footpath with my arm in the air. When the bus was level with me I was waving my arm at the driver to try and get his attention.

Because it was a Saturday, my only two choices were to walk into town or wait for an hour for the next bus. Nice work.
I called Translink and they unhelpfully explained that they had no direct contact with Brisbane Transport.
But they could lodge a complaint for me, which would take ten days to get answered.

If this was the only problem I have had, I would not bother posting about it. But in just the last week, this is what else I have seen:

- On Saturday morning, the bus turned up twenty minutes late at Toombul. This was because, the driver said, he went to town with the bus instead of to Toombul.

-  On Friday night, another bus went past someone who was hailing it at the stop near the Jubilee Hotel on St Paul's Terrace, in the Valley.

 - On Friday afternoon, I had to wait 35 minutes outside All Hallow's School for a 199 bus, which is supposed to come every ten minutes.

- On Tuesday afternoon, an old lady who was running for the 310 route at the stop outside the Sarina Russo building on St Paul's Terrace copped a lecture from the driver, who told her she 'had to be at the bus stop on time'. This is especially funny as I used to live near the bus stop on Abbotsford Rd in Bowen Hills, and the buses were regularly 5-10 minutes late.

I am also tired of the way most drivers pull out from the stop without giving you a chance to sit down - no matter how heavy a load you are carrying. I assume this is because they are under pressure to meet their timetables (which they often don't, anyway). Obviously the idea of revising the timetables so they are realistic has not occured to Brisbane Transport's managers.

Drivers and passengers don't get away scot-free, either. Why can't passengers realise that there is a middle door and use it  when they get off, instead of using the front and blocking people who are trying to get on. And while some drivers are very friendly and try to help when they can, others are surly and have absolutely no knowledge of what routes go where. I am sure part of the problem here is that pay, conditions and morale are mediocre at best, but I still think that drivers should be taking pride in their work and know about the network.

In the last few weeks, I have also twice been asked by trainee drivers which way to go! Why aren't these drivers shown the routes they are to drive before they have to drive them? 

I am going to complain to the council on Monday morning, and demand a ten-trip ticket for the inconvenience i've had to put up with in the last week.

If anyone has any stories they'd like to share about buses etc, leave a comment here. If you want an update on how I go with the complaint, email me at djackmanson at gmail dot com or leave your own email address here.

Also, if anyone else is interested in brainstorming some large-scale solutions to these sort of problems, leave a comment or email me. While it is therapeutic to bitch, I'd be keen to link up with people who want to try and solve these problems, or at least put some real pressure on politicians, transport bureaucrats, etc.

BTW there is a lot of public recognition that public transport is a problem. The website Queensland decides did a poll of people for the recent Brisbane election. While it was an opt-in poll (not a random one), it asked people what their number-one issue was. 22.8% said public transport - the highest-rating issue of all.
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life is hard

V Festival Gold Coast

I realise it's probably a bit late by now, but a note to anyone heading to the festival - they've delayed entry by 2 and a quarter hours at this stage, apparently because they're trying to dry out the ground a bit. So, instead of gates opening at 12:30pm, the new time is 2:45pm. Some bands are also apparently being dropped off the programme due to the delays.


ETA: Gates are open now, and it's incredibly muddy inside. Don't wear any shoes you love!
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zebra zebra!

Choose your own adventure!

I have a meeting tomorrow morning in Spring Hill at 9am. I live in Coorparoo, and could get there by either the SE Freeway or the Story Bridge. If it was any other time of the day I'd go via the Story Bridge but I'm curious to know which route would be more congested!

Let me know your experience of either the SE Freeway or the Story Bridge in morning traffic!
Is my heart still beating? | Izzie | GA

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So it only just clicked in my head today at work that I could be running into some of you amazing people and not even know it!

I could be helping you at work, shopping in the same shops, hell, we might have had a fight over the last tin of spaghetti!

Anyways! My point is I’d hate to be missing any opportunity of a new friend….

So! I’m gonna tell you some stuff about myself…

My name’s Kally. I’m 16 (though get along better with adults rather in people my own age). Um, I live around the Hyperdome area. 
I love to write and read and at the moment am obsessed with Torchwood, Doctor Who and the musical Wicked… and has fallen hard from Gareth David Lloyd *points to icon*  I love all types of music, from classic and jazz to rock.

Love movies, any type really…

I’ve got a big heart and love to help and listen. I’m in my second last year of high school and want to go on to do Nursing…

That’s pretty much me…


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