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Who ARE these preferences? And why do we need six above the line?

Hello! Things have changed since last federal election. Dr Bonham explains the easiest and hardest ways to vote. http://kevinbonham.blogspot.com.au/2016/06/how-to-best-use-your-vote-in-new-senate.html

There's a whopping hundred and twenty-two candidates for the Qld senate this time. Thirty-six parties and nineteen independents. I made a spreadsheet and re-organised all Victorian political commentator, Cate's posts about parties in Qld ballot order. There's black and white logos on the real ballot sheet this year, which helps you find your party, but the spreadsheet was supposed to be the lazy way, so I just coloured the squares above the party names a vague approximation of party colours. The hard work was collecting the new style How To Vote cards. Its quite volatile and parties have changed them around since they started campaigning. Not even the ABC is completely up to date:

I've transferred them to the space above the boxes on the spreadsheet.

Of the three good ballot organiser sites we had three years ago, only one is running.
Thankyou for your service, belowtheline.org.au and senate.io.
https://www.clueyvoter.com/ is handy to quickly sort all parties into five categories of two thumbs down, thumbs down, don't care, thumbs up, and two thumbs up. So you know which new parties to use as poly filler between ones you hate and ones you'd like a closer look at.

The baton has been picked up by http://mysenatevote.org/states/qld

And of course, the most important navigation site. Where to go to get your democracy sausage. http://www.electionsausagesizzle.com.au/
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