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Welcome to Brisneyland!
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If you're a bit bored... 
30th-Jul-2013 10:17 am
Hi guys,

I'm a massage student completing my first business plan - it's the last thing I have to do before I can graduate!
I've had to do a survey for the market research section and need a few more people to complete it. At the moment it's been mainly just family and friends as I've shared it on facebook. But I'd like to get some feedback from the broader community so it's more accurate.
If you have time to take a quick look, it's really short and takes less than 5 minutes to finish. The link to it is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2XQGNGL
If you have the time and inclination to help me out then you're an absolute champ!

Thank you ^_^
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