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Epilepsy Awareness Survey Help Wanted 
20th-Nov-2012 06:06 pm
There's quite a lot of us with invisible illnesses on here. Anyone else epileptic?

I've just helped give feedback which will help raise awareness for the condition. The researcher is coming close to deadline, and is finding it harder to find us than anticipated. A lot of epileptics don't use support services, and don't know other epileptics, because we tend to not advertise it if we can help it.

If anyone is interested in helping create a survey for epilepsy quality of life by completing
a survey intended for a clinical trial with 'mock' answers, then express your thoughts on how well worded the survey is and whether it is easy to understand, comment that you are interested, and I'll put you in touch.

It is a fairly straight forward process, does not require any personal health information (just basic demographics - age, level of education etc). I've multiple disabilities and she visited me at home. Potentially, it could be skyped.
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