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dog friendly bushwalks/hiking trails

So after a bit of googling I realized that you guys would probably be a lot more helpful than anything I could find.

As of next week, my dogs walks are going to be cut down from hour long walks every morning to maybe 3 or 4 a week in the evenings. They're going to eat me alive when I come home from work :s  Not that it will solve this particular problem, but with the beautiful weather we've been having, I think that this is a good reason for me to get out into nature a bit more and  take them/myself for a few nice long walks.

So, does anyone have suggestions for great walking trails that will take a few hours to a day that you're allowed to take dogs on? I know the state forest I've been working in recently allows dogs but I'm not sure this goes for all of them or what the deal with national parks is.

Looking for areas that are within an hour, maybe two at max. of the CBD. Water fascinates me, so that would also be a huge benefit. Especially if there were areas for the dogs/me to swim. And the less people, the better. My dogs wouldn't hurt a fly (on purpose anyway) but they are very vocal and as one of them is a staffy x cattle dog x who knows what, she can look quite fierce and frighten people. And uh well, the other is...rascist, and actually growls (while backing away because she's a wimp) at certain coloured skin, so tourists are even worse.

Really though, the only important criteria is that the dogs are allowed and it's pretty.
Tags: animals, help/advice request, recommendations, where can i find _____ ?
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