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Demeter Perfume

Since visiting Melbourne and discovering the Demeter range of realistic perfumes I've been rather addicted and have wanted to add more to my collection.

I can order online, but I'd much rather follow my nose to my new favorite scent, so I'm wondering if any of you have seen Demeter products for sale anywhere in Brisbane (or even around the Gold/Sunshine Coasts)

For anyone who isn't familiar, their perfumes are aaamazing and quirky to boot. They have scents such as 'Rain', 'Paperback', 'Laundromat', 'Thunder', 'Pruning Sheers', 'Baby Powder', 'Cotton Candy'. Here's a link to their "fragrance library" for those interested.

Thanks in advance for any help (:

EDIT: I have a lead already! eee! Libertine Parfumerie in West End stocked these product in late '08 - Hopefully they still do. Will go hunting this week and report back here with results. ^__^
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